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About Iservefood

Iservefood is an online food service business that is all about homemade freshly cooked food and drinks, promoting Nigerian cuisines & Intercontinental cuisines. We offer deliveries to homes and offices from Mondays to Sundays, 9am to 9pm.

To View Menu & Order For Any Food:

• Visit www.iservefood.com
• Select your location (e.g. Kaduna)
• Pick a meal of your choice.
• Choose a delivery date & time.
• Add to cart & checkout.
• Pay & wait For Delivery.

Examples of Target Locations:

Banks, Hospitals, Barracks, Hotels, Mosques, Churches, Neighbourhoods, Offices, Restaurants & Bars, Friends & Family, Supermarkets, Gyms, Public Transport, Airport, Ceremonies & gatherings, At Your place of work, Stadium, Train Station, Motor parks, Social media eg Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.



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